7th Annual Summer Camp Out Retreat - Dates TBD

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Watch this space for details.

Our 7th Annual Summer Camp Out Retreat is in the planning stages.

As details and announcments become available, we will post them here.


Registration information is not available yet.

Updates & Notices

In our effort to make these experiences more enjoyable for everyone, please familiarize yourself with these important camp out policies.

Photo Policy

It is our local policy that there will be no photos or filming during any live ritual. Staged photos can be taken before or after, but all people in the sight line of the photo must have given permission to be in the photo(s). Private photos can be taken, but only with permission of the camp out staff or owner of the shrine, altar, etc in question. And please do not tag anyone in posted photos without permission.

Trash and Recycling Policy

At Azul Nox Encampment O.T.O., we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint at these events in honor of the Lord of Nature. To that end, as a mindful community, we ask attendees to bring their own plastic dishware and silverware to reduce the amount of trash that is created. We also ask that for those who are bringing wine or other forms of alcohol try and only bring it in containers that are burnable or environmentally friendly (boxed wine vs. bottles).

You will be expected to remove any personal camp area trash you generate, as well as take your recycling with you. Additionally, we ask you only bring non-glass beverage containers for easier removal. Please pack as earth friendly as possible, and in regard to consumables: please bring burnable packaging and/or recyclable/reusable containers.

Drug Policy

Please remember that all public and ritual areas in the camp are drug free zones. Anyone caught violating the drug free zone policy will be asked to leave the event without refund.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be given for registrations until 14 days before the event. A $25.00 cost will be applied for any cancellation between 7 days before and the start of the event, and there are no refunds after the actual start day of the event.

Ways to better enhance and plan for your campout experience

Every year of our campout can be different. Some years are hot. Some are not. Some are sunny, while other can be quite rainy. Like Dionysus’ dualistic and unpredictable nature, so can the weather be. Please try and be prepared for anything. (One year, the very talented magicians of our encampment held the storm back all day but when the invocation to Dionysus was exclaimed, the Heavens truly broke in a torrential fury… when the God who Comes rains, he pours.) Be sure to pack extra clothes and bedding items.

Pack Bug Spray. We are in the woods and by a lake in the summer, it's safe to assume there will be bugs. If you are looking for an effective substitute for traditional bug sprays, Avon’s Skin So Soft body lotion is known to work just as well, all the while refreshing the skin and have you smelling nice.

Bring some Costumes: Robes, gowns, masks and crowns...the Dionysian parade and ritual is reminiscent of ancient rites, decadent and secret. Decorate and costume yourself without to discover who you truly are within.

A Reminder on Facilities: There are no permanent shower facilities at the campout, and the latrine is rustic. We offer two private shower areas for your personal hygiene experience. Also, we ask that you bring biodegradable soaps and shampoos for the obvious environmental reasons. Secondly, if you require more than the rudimentary toiletries for the latrine, we ask that you bring them with you.

Things to Bring:

Bring your own art and music. While artistic opportunities are available, you may wish to bring your own artistic tools and skills as an offering.

Additionally, even if you are musically minded, you may wish to bring your instruments, however if you have not been blessed with these artistic gifts, the Lord Dionysus welcomes your cacophony anyway. Children’s instruments such as tambourines, recorders and other noisemakers are welcomed and would make a raucous sound during our labyrinth parade.

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