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For general information, or if you have a question about the O.T.O. or Thelema. Please contact the Body Master:

For general initiation information and questions, please contact the Secretary:

For brethren with initiation questions, or to request materials please contact the Initiation Secretary:

For donation information, to make local dues arrangements, or if you have a question about dues and donations. Please contact the Treasurer:

To make book donations to our library, or inquire about setting up a visit time for our library. Please contact the Librarian:

For questions about attending the Gnostic Mass, visiting Azul Nox, or making domestic donations to our local body. Please contact the Quartermaster.

To reach the Editor of our publication, Circle 64, or to submit content for an issue.

You may also write to us via Postal Mail: Letter Size Only Please:

Due to our change of location, we have a new P.O. Box:

Azul Nox Oasis, O.T.O.
PO Box 4856
Harrisburg, PA

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