Local Membership

Local membership in Azul Nox is open to anyone in good standing of the I° or higher, anyone actively working towards initiation into the O.T.O., as well as anyone in the local and national community who wishes to help Azul Nox continue the work of promoting the principles of Thelema, and spreading Light, Love and Liberty.

The Benefits:

What is "Dues Current":

To be considered dues current, one must also be current with their U.S. Grand Lodge dues. If local dues are not paid for a given month, there is a two-month grace period for getting caught back up. If a person does not pay dues for three consecutive months, that person is no longer considered "dues current" (“lapsed”), and is no longer afforded the privileges listed above. In order for a person to become dues current after lapsing, the person must pay three months of dues at one time, which covers two months of back dues, plus the current month’s dues. This requirement applies to members who have recently lapsed, and members who have been lapsed for many months or years.

Financial Hardship Policy:

If you are financially unable to pay your local dues to Azul Nox, but wish to maintain active membership, please contact the Treasurer or Master to discuss possible arrangements. Considerations for hardship will be considered on a case by case basis.

One Time Dues Payment

Dues Options

Dues Subscription Payments

Dues Subscription Options

Online Recurring Sponsorship

Not local but still want to support our work? Consider a yearly donation of $31.00. You'll get first dibs on new swag and mad kudos.

Donate to Our Building Fund

Want to help us score some wicked cool perm. space? Any amount helps. Stay tuned for custom amount rewards.

Temple Pledge

Our Temple Pledge Program allows for a financial avenue to take a larger role in building our local body. A Temple Pledge of $50.00 per month allows us to move toward a permanent space for Mass, Initiations, Classes and much more.

Pledge Options