From the Body Master

12/23/2019 e.v.

Changes to Local Dues Structure

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As of the coming new vulgar year (Jan. 1, 2020) we are increasing local dues from $25.00 per month to $30.00 per month. Additionally we will be making the following updates:

Revised Family Dues

For our local members who have more than one O.T.O. member in their household, or among their chosen and preferred, our Family Dues option is a way to ease the financial needs on these brethren by allowing a single dues option for partners, lovers, and families.

As of Jan. 2020, the Family Dues will work as follows:

$30.00 + 15.00 per additional family member or chosen etc., to a maximum of two beyond the payee. For example, a sibling and a sister could both be dues current for only $45.00 per month. A sister and or brother who were married could cover themselves + an additional chosen or preferred for only $60.00 per month.

Revised Temple Pledge Program

Our Temple Pledge Program has allowed for local Azulites who want to take a larger role in building our local body a financial avenue to do so. As always, a Temple Pledge of $50.00 per month allows us to move toward a permanent space for Mass, Initiations, Classes and much more. As of Jan. 2020, our Temple Pledge will no longer apply towards local. Rather, it will be an optional method of additional financial support on top of monthly local dues.

Continuing with our Sponsorship Support Program

There will be no change to non-local brethren and Thelemites who wish to support Azul Nox through online sponsorship. For a recurring donation of $31 per year we will send you either a beautiful "I support Azul Nox" sticker or 1" round button pin. You will also get discounted prices on new swag as we offer it, along with some "Sponsors" only items.

Become an Azul Nox sponsor.

Pax et Opus.

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